Hello Mr Sameer
Here we are again in our house. The return trip went smoothly. We had a lot of waiting at Jaipur airport, the plane scheduled for 8-15 pm was finally left at 11 pm, so the transfer to Delhi accelerated, but everything was in order and we were left 50 minutes instead of scheduled 6 hours. The return home is rather rough because the temperature is 5°celsius in the day and minus 2° celsius the night. We would like to thank you again for your detailed and always punctual organization, for your help in the moment of our kacked bank card , for your welcome and for your sympathy with the welcome you have given us in Delhi. I obviously associate Mr Vaigas and all your team to this success.
Our journey has been punctuated by many beautiful happy encounters , more serious and moving moments , but our hearts filled with images of joy, warmth, and humanity, all with rainbow colors. Every moment, evey meeting was a privilege for us. We will send you photos quickly but for the moment we recover because the jet lag is harder on the return!
All your guides , drivers have been perfects, as well as your local correspondants. As already annnonuced, I will give you a detailed account of each step.
Thanks for all
Best regards

Hi Ravi
Dr.Fish and companion had a very interesting trip. He said all went well and liked the itinerary set out. Guides were very good. Thank you and we will certainly use your services for future clients.

Dear Ravi,
How are you guys their, we are fine. The whole troop missing you guys. Etta Ragoo missing his country man Mr. Nair ha...ha...ha... Thank again for your wonderful assistant during the tour. Last not in list send our warmest to Mr. Varges (Last Vegas) & wonderful lady Ms. Ganga and also Mr. Sandeep.

Thank you
Mr. Ray

Dear Mr. Veigas,
I want to thank you for having planned such a wonderful trip to Kerala and Goa etc. It was well-planned and the guides were gracious and well-informed and the drivers very capable and calm!!! All went beautifully and we all very much appreciated seeing this luscious part of India! I also want to thank you and your wife Anita for taking the time personally to see that we were well taken care of in Delhi/Gurgaon-especially that Anita would take time off to take us shopping (and buying us souvenirs also!!)-the market and shopping experience is so very different but must be done with a local so we truly appreciate your wife's time (and in such heat!!)-she was most gracious and patient!! Just lain, thank you so much!! It was a trip that was memorable and all the more delightful in that we didn't have 22 students in tow!!! Hope we can return the hospitality when you are next in town (or to your son). All the very best!

Best Regards
Montreal, Canada

Dear Veigas,
Clients are now back and sent us a short Feedback. Many thanks to all who were involved in managing this fantastic trip through West Bengal and Sikkim! All the flights, transfers and hotels have been best organized with friendly service and great meals. On tour in West Bengal and Sikkim our accompanying guide Mr. Ravi Bharti was an excellent and most competent host. We would recommend Mr. Ravi Bharti to other tourists. Thanks again for everything and we are now very looking forward planning the next trip with you.

Best Regards

Dear Veigas,
I would like to thank you for inviting me to take part in your fam trip to India. Apart from India as a destination, I must say that I was really impressed by the Varun Voyages standard of service. Everything was outstanding from the beginning. It was immensely enjoyable with some fascinating visits, excellent hotels and wonderful food. Thank you very much and looking forward to start working with you already.

Warm Regards

Dear Varun Voyages Team,
I want to express my sincere thanks to you for the great service provided during the arrival of the group, when our group returned to Spain they did not stop talking about your services! We praise the handling received by our clients in India and the attention to detail. They were really taken care of by your staff in the entire tour. See you at ITB Berlin.


Dear Veigas,
We are pleased to tell you that we received excellent comments from our client for their recent tour in India. I really hope it means future clients for us and future clients for you. We look forward to a still trustful and successful cooperation with you in the future.

Kindest Regards,

Hi, I just received a call from our clients. They arrived in Germany yesterday and just wanted to say special thanks for the service you gave them. It was a perfect trip. Thanks a lot and I hope to see you soon with other groups. Congratulations on a great tour handled!


Dear Veigas,
I would like to write to you sooner but I have had a lot of work after I came back home. The tour was really organized, the guides did very well in Spanish. We had such a wonderful trip and I took so nice pictures from your country. Varun Voyages truly lives up to its tag line of Exclusive journeys and unforgettable memories! Thank you so much.

Elmira & Isabel

Dear Mr Veigas,
Greetings from Germany!
I would like to thank you all for your efforts, help, support and arrangements. Thank you for taking care of the clients from the moment they arrived until they left the following day. Hope to see you again soon.


Dear Mr. Veigas,
First of all, we would like to let you know about our great appreciation and satisfaction regarding the tour in Kerala which we've ended recently. Your agency, and your executive Ms. Ganga, did a great job by organizing our travel above any possible complain. The timing was excellent. We covered the main points of interest as scheduled and the guides did a good job too. The accomodation was always a good choice, the house boat was surprisingly very good standard. I don't know if it's worth to mention it, but the only place which was slightly under the others was the Uday Samudra hotel, which is a great place in itself. Nothing really bad, but it looks like the management is a bit careless about the service and the rooms condition and that's a shame. Nevertheless, we could say that what you've done was flawless and we thank you for that. We have a special mention and appreciation for our driver, for the way he did his job and answered to our requests.

Best regards
Dan Dascalu

Hi Ganga,
Thank you very much for helping to organize my trip. I had a great time. The guides were knowledgeable and the driver was excellent. I'll be sure to recommend your services to others.

Thanks again,
Ken (Kenneth Lakra)

Dear Ravi,
I just wanted to let you know that during our trip to India in November, we really had phenomenal service from our driver Razak. I wanted to let you know that he made us (3 ladies) feel comfortable and safe traveling in India. Anytime we had suggestions or needed something, he was able to accommodate and help us. He really went out of his way to make sure that we were taken care of. I wanted to let you know personally how well we were treated and how much we appreciated him. Thanks for your help in arranging our trip. We had a pleasant one with the help of Razak. FYI this trip was arranged under my mother, Sudha N. Patel.

Reena N. Patel, M.D.

Dear Ganga,
We did enjoy a lot our trip to Kerala. We started to show the pictures to a number of people in France and many told us they would like to plan such trip. I already told them that we used your services and I sent them your emails coordinates. They will contact you in the coming future.

Gerard Bouvet
Country - France

Hello Ravi,
Thank you for making all the changes to our domestic flights/hotels/pick up arrangements etc. Your assistance in all our travel arrangements was invaluable and made our trip to India easy despite all the last minute flight cancellations/alterations etc. We really appreciate your prompt actions/responses and also the fact that you were available at weekends to assist us in any way required. It gave us peace of mind knowing that you were available to assist in case of emergencies of the kind that we encountered.
Please send us a final total owing. Is there any adjustment for the 1 night that we did not stay at Silverwoods because of the delay in our flights?
Once again Ravi, thank you for all your assistance with making all the arrangements for our trip.

Kiran Panchal
Country - Amsterdam

Dear Ms. Ganga,
Thank you so much for you and all of Varun Voyages staff. Specially to Mr. Vaiges. We are really happy in this tour dear. I will came back to you with my next North India tour as soon as possible.

Thank you





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